On this website IMPRODOVA provides training materials on domestic violence separate for the police, health sector and social sector.

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IMPRODOVA is a research and innovation project concerning human factors shaping responses to domestic violence, a behavior causing physical, sexual or psychological harm, including physical aggression, sexual coercion, psychological abuse and controlling behavior. IMPRODOVA’s operational definition of high impact domestic violence (HIDV) is serious violence within the family, against children, spouses and elderly family members. Seriousness can be intensity, duration and consequences of violence. Further information and how to contact us can be found here.

The IMPRODOVA team launched a new training video for medical (and other) frontline responders managing domestic abuse. The video introduces the fictional domestic abuse case of ‘Rita’. It shows how the cooperation with other professionals can look to support Rita best.

Find more information here: IMPRODOVA Flyer.

What articles are new on this training platform?

  • Domestic violence in the media
  • Domestic violence in times of COVID-19
  • Domestic violence in the school sector
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Domestic abuse is a much more common problem in our society than many of us think it would be.

Please select the area (police, health sector, social sector) you would like to learn about; you will find training materials tailored to this area.

Introduction to the topic of domestic violence

 This introduction gives a first insight into the topic of domestic violence in the police, health sector and social sector. You will find more detailed information in the 7 training modules for the police, the health sector and the social sector. The introduction can be found on the following pages:

7 training modules tailored to different areas

The further training platform is modular and consists of 7 modules, as well as further information on statistics and other teaching materials, e.g. videos and quizzes, which are adapted to the respective area.

On this training platform you can choose from different modules according to your interests or needs and switch between them as you wish. Modules consist of specialist information on various topics, contain literature references and links to further information. You also have the possibility to download factsheets, save the summarized information locally and use it for your own teaching purposes. Teaching videos, case studies and quizzes for the individual areas can be found in the various modules or under Teaching Materials.

Training videos, case studies and quizzes for the individual areas can also be found in the various modules or can be selected separately from the following teaching materials: